Meet the Team

Phil 'boss man'


Phill Jones

Not only is Phill the owner but he is also a fountain of information on the surrounding islands and waters. Don’t be surprised to see Phill taking you fishing for some of the bigger fish that we have in the waters around Santo.



Michael Batcock 'Decky'

SSI Dive Director / Instructor
As our Dive Director, Michael has years of experience in the waters of Santo as he grew up around the islands and is considered a local. With his passion for the Coolidge, his wealth of knowledge about the surrounding reefs and his extensive experience fishing and spearfishing, Michael is the one to ask to find out anything about anything around the beautiful waters of Santo.


Vuti Vutilolo 'Wahoo Kid'

SSI Diveguide
Full of energy, Vuti our chief adventure guide, is always ready to show off all that his home island has to offer - both above the sea and under it. Super-decky for our game fishing charters, Vuti's favourite fish to land is the powerful Wahoo!
Experienced in the SS President Coolidge, Vuti loves showing guests the wreck from bow to stern and everything in-between! You are guaranteed to have great fun when Vuti’s on board!


Stephen Lele

SSI Open Water Diver
Our newest recruit Stephen loves being in and around the water. He is a fantastic decky on our gamefishing charters, and is currently learning the ropes on all our dive sites, while furthering his dive training.