Diving the reefs around Santo has never been more accessible. With virgin reefs discovered by Absolute Adventures, and dived exclusively by us, we can offer divers visiting Santo the opportunity to enjoy plenty of colourful sites.

Whether you’re after the big fan-coral gardens, the macro critters or the amazing colourful inhabitants around the reefs, we have something for everyone.With huge drop-offs to 100m+, extensive hard corals, swim-throughs and reef canyons with abundant marine life, the reefs are not to be missed whilst on your diving holiday.


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Tutuba Point - Distance from jetty 45-50min.

This stunning reef is on the eastern point of Tutuba Island located at the eastern entrance into the Saigon Channel varying from 5m-25m depth and having anywhere from 20m-40m+ visibility.  This beautiful reef extends along the coastline of the island.  A world class reef with magnificent plate coral fields, there is a seemingly endless variety of soft and hard corals.  There are swim throughs, gloomy trenches and caves in which if you are lucky you can spot lobsters guarding their homes.  Above you see schools of tropical fish and barracudas cruising around going about their business. Occasionally you see eagle rays and reef sharks. This dive is a brilliant opportunity to see some of the untouched reefs that surround the island of Santo.


Chails Reef - Distance from jetty 35-40min.

This reef is located on the northern edge of Tutuba Island extending from 8m-21m with awesome visibility ranging from 15m-40m+.  This reef offers all different types of coral, including bombies that loom up in the shallower water with clown fish playing in the anemones, and in the deeper water there are clumps of stag horn coral with brilliant colours.  Brain coral are also feature a lot on this reef.Chances of seeing resident Turtles and passing Barracudas are high.


Cindy's Reef - Distance from jetty 20-25min.

Cindy's Reef sits just off the eastern point off Aore Island directly south of the SS President Coolidge.  This is a brilliant reef with beautiful colours and a high variety of fish life.  Zebra/Leopard sharks can be seen here on occasion.  Nice and easy diving with good visibility Cindy's Reef is an excellent choice for a dive.


Pulon Reef - Distance from the jetty 55-60min.

This is an excellent opportunity to dive a virgin reef only recently discovered and dived.  The dive is started on the south side of Tangoa Island where you will follow the wall along and swim through a series of small caves and swim throughs or spend your time cruising over the plate coral fields.  Then head along the wall and take in the beautiful topography in about 10m-20m of water with visibility ranging from 20m-40m+. Schools of bump head Parrot fish and giant Trevally are commonly seen here.


 MalMal Point - Distance from jetty 40-45min.

This exceptional reef dive on the point of an uninhabited tropical island is known for the schools of big eye Trevally that can be found here as well as schools of giant Trevallies, Dog Tooth Tuna and barracudas. In the shallows you can cruise around swim throughs and small caves filled with lobsters and macro life, or head a little deeper to the edge of the reef where the wall starts around 25m and see all types of reef sharks that might be curious enough to let you capture their beauty on camera This dive is 10m-25m+ deep with an expansive variety of coral and fish life. Visibility normally range from 20m-40m+


Ratarata Reef - Distance from jetty 40min.

Ratarata Reef is most definitely a photographer’s paradise. This vein of reef pops up two to three hundred meters offshore rising from 45m up to 3m of depth.  Ratarata has plenty to see, frequented by schools of Rainbow Runners, Barracuda’s, Trevally, Green Sea & Hawksbeak Turtles, countless Parrotfish and Reef Sharks and in the shallows lots of macro life is to be found. Open to the sea, this reef is abundant in fish life and stunning hard and soft coral, stag horn, plate, brain, and fan coral can be found on the sea side of the majestic bombies.  A dive not to be missed with stunning visibility normally ranging from 20m-40m+


Blossom Bay - Distance from jetty 15-20min.

With small crevices and swim throughs this dive site is a fantastic choice as a second dive as time can be spent in the shallows.  This dive is great for beginners and inexperienced divers, along with experienced divers looking for an easy and stunning dive. With minimal current, located in the stunning Blossom Bay, which is sheltered from the easterly winds.  Max depth of 15 -18 metres, which allows for stunning coral colours of all shapes and sizes, along with various size and different fish life. Visibility ranging from 15m-30m


Nasiise Reef - Distance from jetty 15-20min.

One of our newly scouted reefs, Nasiise is a gem, swim along the top of the reef and find yourself lost in fields of plate coral and schools of fish, or head down some of the many sand bottom gullies with walls of soft coral and plate coral rising up around you.  Nasiise spreads itself over 300m and is filled with life.  Sitting 250m offshore, Turtles, White Tip Reef Sharks, Barracuda, Golden Trevally, Giant Trevally and Dog Tooth Tuna frequent this spot.  Bump Head Parrotfish and Napoleon Maori Rash are some times to be found feeding in the shallows.  With everything a tropical reef has to offer Nasiise Reef is not to be missed.Depth is varying from 5m-20m with visibility ranging from 20m-40m+


Decky's Point - Distance from jetty 20-25min.

Right on the edge of a 30m drop off this reef boasts a spectacular variety of coral of all colours, the world is macro on Decky's Point.  Angel fish and schools of Hump Head Parrotfish will follow you around.  Reef Sharks can be spotted as well as the occasional Turtle, Barracuda and Dog Tooth Tuna also find their way up from the depths to give you a passing glance.  Soft coral are full of life and movement in the shallows.  Nice and easy dive, full of life, this reef extends from an Island with depth ranging from 5m-25m and visibility varying from 20m-30m


Natong Wall - Distance from jetty 25-30min.

Natong Wall is the newest edition to the virgin reef being dived by Absolute Adventures.  This is a very different type of reef with stag horn and plate coral galore. The reef extends to the edges of three main walls that drop down from 5m to 35m.  Along the sheer walls of these massive bombies divers can enjoy the clear water with visibility ranging from 20m-40m+ and take in the schools of fish swimming past, along with the fan coral growing from the wall. This dive is fantastic as it holds such vast varieties of coral, and rock formations along with a great biodiversity.

Brand new to diving in Santo is the Island excursion, make the most of your day whilst diving with Absolute Adventures by stopping off on Tangoa Island for 1 ½ hrs for your surface interval. Vuti our chief Adventure guide is from Tangoa and is always happy to show people around his home, the island is home to around 450 people, be greeted by the smiling friendly faces, treat yourself to the Island style lunch provided by the Mama's and take a tour around the Island village you might even want to visit the blow hole and take a quick dip! Before returning to the boat for your second dive and then back to the resort. For further information please enquire.



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