Q. What certification level do I need?

A. Open water certificate is the minimum to dive the SS President Coolidge, but if you are thinking of venturing deeper down the wreck, why not enquire about completing your wreck or deep diver specialties while you are diving with us.

Q. How many dives can be done a day?

A. Two dives a day can be done on the SS President Coolidge a with a minimum of a 4 hour surface interval, or you can do three dives a day, one of which will be a shore dive on the Coolidge followed by a double boat dive at two of our other dive sites (Wreck or Reef )

Q. How deep do I have to go to see interesting things on the Coolidge?

A. The bow of the Coolidge is in 20m of water and the Stern is in 60m of water, dives can be done at the bow and foredeck with a max depth of 30m, although standard first dive on the Coolidge is 33m and continues to get deeper the more dives you complete and if you and your guide feel comfortable.

Q. Is all the diving decompression diving?

A. Reef dives and the USS Tucker are non-decompression dives. Although we consider every dive on the SS President Coolidge to be decompression dives, dives to the Bow and foredeck can be done within the no-deco limits, for extra safety we follow the DCIEM Canadian Navy tables, so on every dive on the Coolidge you will be required to do some stops which will be conducted and controlled by our professionally trained staff.

Q. How do we get to the Coolidge?

A. The Coolidge can be done either by boat or by shore, here at Coral Quays / Absolute Adventures. It is only a short 15min ride out on the boat with an easy roll in entry, or a 15min drive to the shore site where you can walk out 50m to the Coolidge.

Q. Do you have hire equipment?

A. Yes, we have a full range of Scuba Pro equipment for hire. If you need the whole set or even if you are just after individual items, we have it.

Q. Is there an area to wash and dry dive equipment?

A. Yes we have a washing / drying area and a secure lock up storage area.

Q. What are the dive group sizes?

A. We try and keep our groups small, allowing you to feel safe that you will get to see what you want without the crowd.

Q. Do you have Nitrox?

A. Yes we do have nitrox available with any mix from 22% to 100% depending on your certification. Not Nitrox certified? We can run Nitrox courses in conjunction with your diving.

Q. Do you have twin tanks available?

A. Yes we do have manifolded twin set-ups for hire

Q. Is it possible to complete my Deep Diver speciality whilst diving the Coolidge?

A. Yes indeed it is possible. If you have booked in for some dives, talk with our Instructors and we will be able to organise which dives you will be able to do to continue your training, as well as taking in the wonders of the SS President Coolidge.

Q. Are night dives available?

A. Yes we run night dives on wreck & reefs. The night dive on the SS President Coolidge is rated as one of the best night dives anywhere in the world. But don't take our word for it, find out for yourself!

Q. Can I do the night dive even if I have not done one yet?

A. Yes you can, our professional staff will guide you through the experience. If you would like, you can complete your night dive speciality while you are here.

Q. Do I need my own dive light?

A. For any of the Coolidge dives or night dives you will require at least one dive light. Don't worry if you do not have one, we have plenty in our hire fleet.

Q. Where is the nearest recompression chamber?

A. Vanuatu's recompression chamber is located in Port Vila, which is a 50min flight from Santo.

Q. Should I have dive insurance before I come?

A. Yes, we advise that you have dive accident insurance or DAN cover, just in case the unlikely happens.

Q. Do you have Oxygen at the dive sites?

A. Yes we have Oxygen kits at every dive site and all of our boats. All staff are trained and current in First Aid/CPR/O2 administration.

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