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The largest, most accessible wreck in the world is the SS President Coolidge, and is a must see for all divers traveling to Espiritu Santo.

Our private shore site offers easy access for our divers, or if you prefer we can also offer boat dives to explore this magnificent shipwreck.

Our experienced, professional dive guides offer dives starting from the Bow (21m) all the way to the Stern (60m), and we offer dives for all levels of experience.  If you are Technically trained, we can tailor dives to make the most of your qualifications and diving experience.

With almost 200m of wreck to see and explore, and partial and full penetration dives possible, we have put together a collection of dives to ensure you get to see as much as possible, and truly get to know the President Coolidge a little better. Be warned, you are very likely to become so addicted you will want to come back time and again!


 Absolute Adventure, now boasts re-breather support,with Oxygen and Helium available along with a booster pump for accurate and high pressure fills. Also available are 2L O2 and DIL cylinders and Softnalime. Private guides can be organised to tailor dives to suit the specific needs of the re-breather diver.  




Coolidge dives            


BCargo Hold 2ow and reef              Depth 25m                  Penetration - None

Explore the bow and the starboard side of the wreck where there is a wide variety of soft and hard corals. Trigger fish, lion fish, nudibranchs and the wreck resident moray (Nessie) are common sightings on this dive. Head under the bow and take in the 'hanging' reef!


Promenade Deck       Depth 33m                  Penetration - None

Head to the bow and make your way along the foredeck of the Coolidge taking in the massive three inch gun with live ammunition stored next to it, past the two forward cargo holds and make your way onto the starboard side and check out the rifles and artifacts that have been stored there. Swim over the salvage cuts past ammunition shells left there from the salvage crews, which provide a host of marine life with accommodation. This is a fantastic orientation dive.


Cargo Holds 1&2       Depth 33m                  Penetration - MildMedical Supplies

Enter the largest of the two forward cargo holds where you will come across a long tom cannon 155mm Howitzer. Make your way over an upside down troop carrier where you will have the chance to take a look at the GMC trucks, weave through to Cargo hold 1 in which you will swim over the stacks of willy’s jeeps. Exit through hold 1 and make your way to the bow. A great introduction to the inside the wreck with plenty of ambient light and room to move around.


Medical Supplies       Depth 30m                  Penetration – Mild

Head down through the salvage cut over hold 3 and weave through D & E decks to take a look at the Aircraft drop tanks (Alien Eggs). Head over to see some of the stored medical supplies full of coloured powders, bottled tablets and other medicine, then make your way to cargo hold 2 and out past the barber’s chair on your way to the bow.

Crusing throgh the decks


Crows nest and cannons        Depth 45m                  Penetration – None

Make your way down under the bow and along the sand littered with artefacts that have fallen off the wreck, including typewriters, fire extinguishers, rifles, the 9 ton spare anchor and assortment of other military equipment. Past the crow’s nest and over to the two sets of 20mm anti aircraft cannons which lay at the bottom of the now collapsed promenade deck. A fantastic dive to see nearly half of the outside of the wreck.


ABC Decks               Depth 36m                  Penetration – Moderate

This dive weaves its way through the upper decks of the ship through A, B and C decks. You will swim over and through bathrooms, past rows of toilets and come across numerous artefacts that are scattered all through this wreck.The Lady



 The Lady                    Depth 39m                     Penetration- Moderate

The icon of the Coolidge 'The Lady' is situated in the first class dining saloon. Drop down and give her a kiss for good luck and make your way back out of the wreck through the ‘Grand Staircase’ and bathrooms on B-deck, taking a look at some interesting artefacts on the way back.


EControl panel in the engine roomngine Room            Depth 48m                  Penetration - Moderate

The engine room is a favourite for most divers. This dive takes you into the wreck via the Engine salvage cuts where the starboard side engine was taken apart. Take a look at the Condenser, Turbine and all the pipes and valve openings. Head to the control room where you will be able to read the gauges and test your narcosis level by reading the last message sent to the engine room on the telegraph! Make your way through the funnel and up into the first class dining saloon, and exit the wreck via the sea door or one of the forward holds.


Swimming Pool             Depth 57m              Penetration - None

Swim a lap in Vanuatu’s deepest swimming pool at 55m!

On this dive you will make your way down to the swimming pool passing cargo hold 5 and an anti-tank gun still strapped to the top deck. Do a narcosis test and count the number of colors used in the tiles. From the pool you will swim along the wreck towards the bow, passing by the still intact sky lights and the collapsed rows of toilets, then up past the collapsed promenade deck.


Stern                                Depth 60m              Penetration - NoneSwimming pool

Venture down to the Stern of the Coolidge where you will see the propeller shafts, the massive rudder, and have a look at the largest gun on the Coolidge, the 5 inch gun.  Also you will see the telegraph that was used to control the stern when berthing.  As you make your way along the wreck you will pass the two stern 3 inch guns, and pass cargo hold 7 & 6 and the swimming pool. Prepare for the long swim back to the bow.


Galley                               Depth 57m              Penetration - Full

Dive deep into the belly of the beast where the galley is located, make your way down to the back end of the wreck where you will enter through the tourist class sea door, see the C deck sign and head on into the tourist class dining saloon with bright lino flooring.  As you head further along this deck you will enter the Galley and cruise past all sorts of industrial cooking utensils etc.  Make your way into the main dining saloon then exit through one of the sea doors.


Gauntlet                          Depth 60m               Penetration - Full

For the wild at heart this dive takes you down to the stern where you enter the wreck and start to duck and weave all the way through the wreck before you exit the bow via the chain locker! A full 200m swim inside the wreck!



Doctors OfficeCargo 6 & 7                    Depth 57m               Penetration - Full

Explore the deeper cargo holds on the aft deck where ambulances, piles of ammunition and the ships spare propeller blade are stored!


Doctor's Office              Depth 45m               Penetration - Full

Take the opportunity to explore the doctor’s office with all sorts of artifacts, then make your way back to the bow via B deck passing helmets, rifles, shovels and all other assortments of military equipment.